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Top 6 Most Wanted Hip-Hop/R&B Comebacks!

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So, while eating my daily morning snacks this morning, I thought about some of my favorite hip-hop and R&B artists that have basically disappeared and that need to make a  comeback this year. I am sure you will agree with me! Check them out after the jump! 

1) DMX: He ruled the charts in the late 90s with his bark, bite and heavy Ruff Riders beats. Then because of legal trouble and some bad habits, he fell off. Now, he is out of jail and could very well make a comeback this year. Swizz Beatz make it happen!

His debut video “Get At Me Dog”

2) Andre 3000:  Andre’s “solo” album “The Love Below” was the ish…And all of his recent guest appearances have reminded us of how dope he is…Andre make that happen this year!

His biggest hit: “Hey Ya!”

3) Ciara: Okay, she has not disappeared, but her music has vanished from the charts. She had 8 Top 10 hits! But, she is poised to make a great comeback this year. And with Bey wrapped up with Baby Blue, the time is perfect! Go for it, Ci Ci!

The song that put her on the map: “Goodies”

4) Missy Elliot: She was the most successful female hip-hop artist ever until Nicki Minaj, but we miss her quirky, funky videos and hot beats. She suffered with an illness   and we hope she is all better. Well, for selfish reasons too: we want another album!

“The Rain (Super Dupa Fly)” set the standard for hip-hop videos in the 90s:

5) DeAngelo: Two classic albums, Brown Sugar and Voodoo just are not enough. We need more. Let’s hit the studio D. The fellas need some music to jam to and the ladies want to ogle at your assets a little more. Just sayin.

“Untitled (How Does It Feel)”  had every woman looking staring at their TVs hoping to see more than what was there….

5) Lauryn Hill: She flew all the way off the radar after her album, The Mis-Education of Lauryn Hill went multi-platinum and propelled her to superstardom. After several babies and relationship drama with Rohan Marley, she has been touring to mixed reviews. We need the old Lauryn to reappear and create some more classic sounds. Come on Ma! We are waiting!

The “Ex-Factor”: The follow up hit to her song “Doo Wop (That Thing)”

Who else are you waiting to see comeback? Hit me up at @nickcannon

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