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Taylor Swift’s Top 5 Hip-Hop Moments!

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This may sound unusual, but yes, Taylor Swift–the princess of Country pop–has been carving out a little space for herself in the hip hop world. Over the past few years, whether its performances or being swept into the current of the culture, she is steadily introducing herself to the hip-hop world. Take a look at my Top 5 T-Swift Hip-Hop moments! 

1) Taylor Swift called and asked T.I. to duet with her during a stop in Tip’s hometown of Atlanta. “I was pleasantly surprised and confused… I had just gotten out of prison like two days [earlier] and all of a sudden my phone rings,” the Rubberband Man told MTV news. Watch a clip of the performance:

2) Taylor with Nicki Minaj: The country crooner joined the new princess of Hip-Hop on stage and rapped a little. Not that bad.

3) Taylor sings Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”. I am sure Em is somewhere rolling his eyes.

4) Taylor and T-Pain “Thug Story”. Ms. Swift is rapping about baking cookies and knitting and getting bleeped without cursing…LOL.

5) Her infamous moment with Kanye. This was the first time many in the hip-hop world had ever heard of Taylor Swift.

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