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Sexy New Marilyn Monroe Book + 5 Surprising Celebs She’s Inspired!

Marilyn Monroe | Getty Images

Marilyn Monroe was the most photographed woman in history (I am sure Princess Di and Madonna are up there with her). Not only was she captured by every major photog of her time, she brought a different hotness to each and every frame. There is a new book, out today, chronicling her entire career in pics. Find out what it is and also five popular music videos that she inspired. 

Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis By David Wills

The photographer chose 320 photos from all of the photos she’s ever taken and they all show her evolution from red head with pigtails to blonde bombshell. Definitely worth checking out.

5 Hot Celebs Inspired by Marilyn

1) Mariah Carey: “Don’t Forget About Us”: Marilyn’s movie “Something’s Got To Give” inspired Mariah for this Paul Hunter directed clip (he also directed her video for “Honey”).

2) Lady Gaga sings Happy Birthday to President Bill Clinton and it was inspired by Marilyn
Monroe’s  performance of the song to the President John F. Kennedy. She said to Bill: “I always wanted a Marilyn moment — but didn’t want it to involve pills and pearls.”

3) Nicki Minaj Glamour magazine spread: Who knew? The “Super Bass” rapper told the mag that ““I’ve always adored Marilyn Monroe–mostly for her facial expressions in her pictures.” 

Nicki Minaj in Glamour Magazine

4) Lindsay Lohan has posed for an upcoming issue of Playboy and she says that Marilyn Monroe was her inspiration.

Can this….

Lindsay Lohan | Getty Images

transform into this ?

Marilyn Monroe on the cover of the 1st Playboy Magazine in 1953

5) And of course:

Madonna: “Material Girl” This video, based on Marilyn’s movie Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, from Madge’s second album gave her the unshakable title she has said really pissed her off. Only because in the video, Madonna goes with the broke guy not the rich one!

Marilyn’s Original:

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