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10 Hottest Beyonce Live Performances

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This week, Beyonce dropped her fourth solo CD called, um… 4! So,I decided to let y’all know my  10 Favorite Beyonce Performances. Let me know if you agree, disagree or whatever. Proceed with caution…these vids may make you wanna move!

10. BET Awards 2003
This was the jump of to B’s solo stardom back in 2003! A promise of what was to come.

9. MTV Music Video Awards 2006
Bey definitely set the stage ablaze with this one. And peep her throwback to Janet J. during the performance.

8. Fashion Rocks 2006
B questions if she’s done it all before and pays tribute to Josephine Baker (look her up, but you better not click on Wikipedia right now!)

7. Philly Concert
Another tribute. This time, she honors the King of Pop and completely kills this song from the Off The Wall album. If you don’t know the album, then you better get on it, right now (well, as soon as you finish checkin’ out my countdown).

6. Grammys 2006
Yo, tell me this wasn’t the flyest picture you’ve ever seen on stage. And the dove at the end? Bananas.

5.  Backstage on The Road
My man Jay recorded this backstage while Bey was rehearsing. I know he was proud. I can relate!

4. Madison Square Garden 2009
Bey popped on stage and gave  the crowd a little shot of Sasha at Madison Square Garden during Jay-Z’s show.

3. BET Awards 2011
Beyonce as an autobot. Way cool. And at the end a mini Destiny’s Child reunion with Solange droppin’ it  low.

2. MTV Video Music Awards 2009
Putting a ring on it. Sorry fellas. No pressure.

1. Billboard Music Awards 2011
This joint may have been “inspired” by Italian pop star Lorella Cuccarini, but Bey did her thing to the fullest!

What do you think , Ballers?  Shoot me your favorite vid in the comments below.


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